Saturday, April 2, 2005

Hiking Camping Rucksack (Olive)

Hiking Camping Rucksack (Olive)

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FEATURED Hiking Camping Rucksack (Olive)

If you are looking for the top suggested Hiking Camping Rucksack (Olive) you should Hiking Camping Rucksack (Olive) is our idea. Some excellent reviews already confirming the quantity the product. The Hiking Camping Rucksack (Olive) finished with a lot of capabilities so that it is excellent product. If you wish to find out additional on this position obtaining equipment, really study its main functions below.

  • 100% heavy weight cotton canvas construction - Lifetime Warranty
  • 2 Side Pocket, Front zipper pocket, lid pocket and large main compartment
  • 2" adjustable waist belt , and adjustable shoulder straps for extra comfort
  • top handle for easy handeling 20" x 13" x 7.5
  • perfect travel accessory, also can be used as an inflight carry on.

Canvas European Rucksack - Heavy weight cotton canvas material. 2 side pockets. Front zipper pockets. Pocketed lid. 2" (inch) waist belt. Adjustable heavy canvas shoulder straps. Carry strap on top of bag for easy transport using your arms. A rucksack is also called a backpack, knapsack, packsack, pack, or bergen. For travelers the rucksack is a perfect traveling accessory. It will almost always be allowed on a flight as a carry on luggage. Helping you avoid both extra time and extra cost for check-in luggage

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